Hello TML Members,

Now that the season is underway, we need to ensure that everyone is aware of responsibilities regarding BE licensing validation.

a)     BE Club Administrators

To play in the TML all of your Club participants must be BE Members (A……… ) AND LICENSED to play in the local league (LP…………) etc.


That applies to any Officials in your Club also

      (Refs =  LR……….., Coaches =  LC ………., Table = LT……..)


The obtaining of such licences proves that they have paid the necessary fee to enable their insurance to be valid etc.

b}    TML Team Contact

You must provide documented evidence to your Coach(s) so that they bring to games sufficient proof of BE LICENSING. (Not Just BE MEMBERSHIP which is free.)

c)      Game Table Official

It is your job to ensure that each Team Coach shows you evidence BEFORE the game of the BE LICENCE that each of his participants holds.  This is NOT the A123456 type membership number, but the LP……. Player licence etc .  

You must then enter the various LP ………  numbers in the first column of the scoresheet – final three digits only.

(A123456 type numbers are no longer acceptable.)


You must also check the Refs and umpire licences (LR……….) – record only the final three digits of the licence number on the scoresheet.

 You must record the final three digits of Table official(s) licence numbers (LT………) on the scoresheet too.

 Coach licence numbers begin LC…. and you should record the final three digits of this coach licence number on the scoresheet too.


d)     Game Referee

It is your job to check that the table official is satisfied with the teams’ licence evidence. You must then check the table official’s licence (LT………) also.



 Everyone should be clear that "Team Sheets" (whether downloaded from the TML Website, or on handwritten paper etc )  are NOT EVIDENCE OF LICENCES .

You must show either Printed or Electronic copies of what is downloadable from the BE Website page for each Participant 

         The  simplest way is for the Team Coach to produce two physical documents to the Table Official………………….


1)     A team list for the game in playing strip number order in the format ……


         Licence #       Surname, Initial.         Strip#

          LP 12345           Smith, A.                      20

          LP 98765          Jones, M.                      22        etc


2)     A Printed sheet showing the BE Licences (the ones that have the Photos) of ALL the participants.

This MUST NOT be the one that only has the word Membership in the Top Right-hand corner             


 Each type of Licence has different wording in the Top Right-Hand corner, and the appropriate Licence for the activity being participated in must be shown. i.e. a Refs Licence when Reffing , but a Players Licence when playing etc



 If you do not understand what is required or where to find this information, then please contact either





Although all those affiliating with the TML Website this season should have entered their BE MEMBERSHIP number when doing so, we will be replacing this with their BE Playing Licence number soon.


If you have purchased a Refs /Table/or Coach licence, then you do not pay anything more for a Player Licence (if you want one).


Next season we will have changed the website so that you will be asked to enter your LICENCE number and not your BE Membership number at the time of TML Affiliation.

We will also be collecting officials’ licence numbers.


Keith Harrison . TML Publicity Officer