March 21st 2021  

 Notes from

TML Executive Committee to TML Members


   1)  Return to Play programme.


a)   Basketball England have issued revised RTP guidance…….




b)   In addition, a Webinar was held to clarify some points ……..


                                      Passcode is     4oC.L@s@

              Here are personal notes taken by our Chairman during that Webinar.       

Notes from BE RTP webinar, 4 March 2021 – led by Charlie Ford with support from medical scientist and BE doctor consultant


1.      Evolving plan - dates published but subject to change (data not dates); BE in meetings next week with DCMS, etc to confirm a small number of outstanding questions

2.      LFT for elite pathway will continue for next few months (funding from govt to enable this)

3.      Doctor reported decreases ~30% in positive cases, hosp admits and deaths over lockdown 3; national R currently ~0.6-0.9 but there is lots of local geographical variation.

4.      Vaccination programme going well (>21m first doses given so far)

5.      Those vaccinated MUST still follow precautions as stipulated – vaccination isn’t a panacea.

6.      Big risk for basketball is the (eventual) movement from outdoor to indoor [for TML this is from 17 May on current plan]


Athletic recovery and resumption of training and competition (at all levels – except elite who are currently in competitive stage)


a.      Need to ensure that this is the start of rehabilitation of the body to exercise specific to the sport

b.      Injury rates in elite athletes and officials have risen sharply in last two months – fixture congestion and people not adequately prepared for return to competitive game; stress and strain injuries to joints, ligament and muscle tissue

c.       There is a real concern about a spike in minor injuries if basketball community think they can simply pick up where they left off

d.      Strong recommendation from medical scientist (sports physio) and doctor is a minimum six-week programme phased return BEFORE COMPETITIVE PLAY

e.      BE have published an eight-week programme of ‘couch to training’ – people sh/could begin this NOW in preparation for RTP indoor training stage which allows for non-competitive work indoors

f.       Both programmes available on BE website in RTP section

g.      In summary: strong recommendation at all levels below elite (senior and junior), including local leagues, is a 8-week couch to training programme for individuals to begin process of rehab now, THEN six-week training programme once indoor work is permitted; THEN consider competition

h.      Maintain bubbles in athletic recovery phase (6-week indoor element)


Notification of positive tests


·        BE need to be notified if anyone tests positive for Covid-19

·        There is a quick online form on the BE website to do this.


     2)  Useful Links to resources


a)     First, an 8-week Couch to Active programme

This should be used BEFORE any Indoor court-based Activity resumes (on May 17th earliest)

                  Physical Robustness | Basketball England


b)     Then, a 6-week Athletic recovery programme

This should be used once Indoor Court activity resumes, and before any Competitive play.



     3)  BE Membership Fees


a)      BE have issued a note saying what will happen to fees already paid for 2020-21 season.



     4)  2021-22 Season

Your TML Exec Committee has decided on the following course of action regarding a possible League re-start.

a)      At the end May/early June Clubs will be contacted to see firstly what progress has been made in restarting training, and secondly what the likelihood is of that Club/Team being willing/able to compete in a TML to start later in the year (say September).

This contact is  likely to place ‘virtually’.

 b)     At the end of June the “20-21 AGM Part 2“ will be held to formally take applications for a TML 2021-22 League season.

Hopefully this meeting will take place in-person.


It should be obvious that ALL steps towards a new Competition are dependent on National Government and BE authorisation.

  5)   Things to Consider


As things open it is likely that some basic items may be forgotten.

Here are a few examples ….


a)      Passwords for websites, bank accounts, etc may have lapsed and need to be renewed.

b)     Strip makers may become very busy with work.

c)      Fees/contracts for playing facilities may have changed and need to be re-negotiated.

d)     Etc.



Keith Harrison. Publicity Officer